Tuesday, November 12

Tonight's Rambings...

Rambling #1: I was smart enough to be have become a Dr. Nancy Snyderman. I was just too dumb to go for it. Monkey says that was an oxymoron--the smart husband of an English teacher. Rambling #2: Damn...Bill Clinton is looking old and did I hear that he supports Obama? How do people get so old and stupid? Maybe I didn't hear that right? Monkey says I did...and he hasn't been drinking. Rambling #3: Am I undoing the good that Limu does for me when I add Amaretto to it? I think I'm making it better. But I could be wrong. Rambling #4: Today, I introduced Wonder Struck which is the book that we are going to start reading. One of the big themes of this book is searching for something that is missing. I actually was able to use a personal example...vaguely anyway. Isn't it nice to find what you are missing plus some? Yeah, it is. Rambling #5: I miss Gage DeRosia playing football at Buckeye High School. Gage, you made some wonderful memories for us all...and we can't wait until Beau steps into your footsteps. We love you both! Rambling #6: Sorry, I can't make it to The Voice tonight. I'm moving to the bedroom.
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