Monday, September 7

Week 1--Core4

This is going to be a quick post but I feel it is important to write about my experience on Core4. This morning I weighed 150.2. That's 5.2 pounds in one week. But the most important thing about this week is how good I have felt. I haven't been "high" or on a "buzz." I just feel like I should have been feeling all along. I feel energetic enough to get through my day and I'm becoming laser focused on getting finished with my college. But now, I have the energy to concentrate on my college classes after I've worked all day. I've had a few "PMS" days where I wanted to eat everything in sight but even so, I've done really good for the first week. I have drastically reduced the number of diet drinks I have consumed and now, I crave water. So stay tuned next week's update.

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